How to get rid of smoke smell from your car?

The smell of smoke could easily permit in to the carpets, headliner and upholstery of your car. Smell of a smoke by its nature penetrates in to your clothes and your car interior part and gives it unpleasant smell. This smell can be very hard and challenging to remove from a car. Due to the unpleasant smell of the cigarette smoke, your ride will be uncomfortable for you and for the passengers in your car. It’s a common problem when it comes to selling your car. The unpleasant smell could easily reduce the resale value of your car but if you want to remove the smoke smell out of your car and are wondering how, learn the different techniques below.


Vacuuming the upholstery, the carpet as well as the headliner that might absorb the smoke is the first technique in the getting the smoke out. The hard and soft surfaces should be vacuumed in order to help get the smoke smell out of the car.

Baking soda

Baking soda helps in neutralizing the unpleasant smell. Start by sprinkling the baking soda in to your upholstery, carpet and in between the seats and let it sit until it is saturated for a while. This will help in neutralizing the smell or trap the odor. After the baking soda sits there for a while and absorb the smell, vacuum the upholstery, carpet and the hard and soft surfaces of your car.

Wash your floormats

Smoke smell can easily penetrate in to your floormats. Removing and cleaning your floormats outside can also help in getting the smoke smell out of your car. Use different great products that could help in making the floormats clean and smell good.


To make your car smell acceptable for you and your passenger, deodorizing it is another possible technique. It will help for the odour in your car. Make sure you use the best odour eliminating products. You can also try using coffee grounds and cinnamon sticks as a short term solution to eliminate the smell.

Auto detailing

The best thing you can do to your car if it has a smoke smell or any other unpleasant odour is getting an auto detailing service. Auto Detailing provides a great interior detailing service to help bring back the new pleasant smell of your car by shampooing and extracting the carpets as well as steam cleaning the the leather, vinyl and vents. the car.

Auto detailing provides in and out detailing service for your car by using the best quality products. Using quality products helps you to quickly remove the smoke smell that penetrated in to your car. This can also mask the odour of the smoke.

The deep cleaning of your windows, carpets, upholstery, hard and soft surfaces will help get rid of the unpleasant smell and bring back the original one.

Another hard places to clean the smoke smell out by your self are the leather and trim part of your car. When getting a car detailing in Calgary you will be getting a leather cleaning service with a cleaner specifically formulated for the leather and trim surfaces.

If you are really serious in getting the smoke smell out of your car, Auto detailing is always the best way to do it.


Even though, smoke smell is hard to remove, it is yet possible. Auto detailers have a professional way and quality products to refresh your car. We are experienced in getting rid of smoke smell from your car. The special smoke odour removing products we use will help your car regain its pleasing smell.

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