About Us

The Local Detailers is a family owned SE Calgary auto detailing business founded by Amanuel (Aman) Rahmeto.

After landing a job as a detailer at a local auto detailing shop, Aman consistently impressed his boss and customers with exceptional customer service, hard work, and attention to detail, which is crucial in the car detailing industry. After just three months of working there, Aman’s pride and passion for his work earned him a promotion to Manager, leading a team of nine people.

During his time in this managerial role, which spanned several years, Aman gained a deep understanding of what customers truly wanted. He recognized the need for a specialized detailing, window tinting, and paint protection film (PPF) shop, focussed on attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Aman understood that people didn’t want to visit three different companies for these services when they could find all of them under one roof. Thus, he founded The Local Detailers, offering a one-stop-shop for car detailing, window tinting, and PPF installation. He assembled a team of professional, enthusiastic detailers, window tinters, and PPF installers.

The Local Detailer’s philosophy is simple: we treat every vehicle as if it were our own. Starting with detailing; we ensure that every nook and cranny of your car is meticulously cared for. We expertly install window tint to provide a cooler ride, utilize computer-cut PPF for ultimate paint protection, and offer ceramic coating to simplify car maintenance. With our unwavering attention to detail, competitive prices, and focus on customer satisfaction, our clients keep returning for more.

Our window tinting and PPF team boasts a combined experience of 28 years. Todd, our window tinter, brings 15 years of experience to the table, while our PPF installer, Luis, has over 13 years in the PPF industry. We utilize computer-cut films to ensure that no blade ever touches your paint. We want you to trust us, and we are eager to prove that trust is well earned. 

All of our technicians have gone through multiple in-house training sessions and workshops for paint correction, wet sanding, and ceramic coating. For example, any mistake in paint correction might cost you a full paint job, so that’s why all of our team members go through an extensive training period before touching a customer’s car. Our team has polished over 1000 cars from different manufacturers. The paint on every car is different… knowing what polishing pad goes with which compound makes a big difference. Our team has the expertise on how paint should be corrected while maintaining your clear coat.

In conclusion, The Local Detailers is made up of a team who are extremely passionate and have extensive knowledge on how to enhance and preserve one of your biggest investments, your car.

Calgary car detailing-the local detailers cleaning outside of an audi


Calgary car detailing the local detailers cleaning the inside of an audi


Calgary car detailing the local detailers polishing an audi