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Full Service Interior Car Detailing

If you’re ready to refresh your ride, contact the Local Detailers. Our packages are designed to provide our premium interior car detailing services at an affordable price. Pull up to experience the best interior car cleaning in Calgary. Our standards are the same for ceramic coating and paint correction, too. With quick and easy scheduling and service that goes the extra mile, you’ll be back for a regular clean-up again and again. The Local Detailers make your car’s interior irresistible, with genuine attention to detail. 

Our Interior Detailing Packages



Add 20 For Trucks

Add 40 For 7 Seaters. Vans



Add 20 For Trucks

Add 40 For 7 Seaters. Vans



Add 20 For Trucks

Add 40 For 7 Seaters. Vans

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

The Local Detailers provides the highest standards in service, products and value when it comes to interior car cleaning in Calgary – and we take care of all the details, guaranteed.

We go beyond and strive to deliver the cleanest interior possible. Our interior car detailing services provide showroom-standard results, whether your vehicle is brand new or if it’s been around the block. 

We address everything, from dust to dog hair and more. We’ll make your vehicle the cleanest it’s ever been. Even if you’re just looking for a touch-up, we have the supplies to provide exceptional maintenance to your auto interior. Protect your investment with The Local Detailers – we don’t skip steps or cut costs because we take pride in our results. Our interior car detailing methods are designed to provide you with the ultimate inside car cleaning experience.

There is no job too big or too small for our experienced and highly trained vehicle detailing professionals. Passionate about your ride? We’re passionate about getting it clean, down to every last detail. We aren’t happy unless you are so we offer a full SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Take pride in your ride – contact us today.

Premium Car Interior Detailing Service

Whether you’re looking to fully maintain or restore your car’s interior, our detailing procedure includes vacuuming all seats, carpets, upholstery and all other visible areas. Our car upholstery cleaning services are so thorough that you’ll feel like your vehicle is brand new.

Need a deep car seat cleaning? No problem – we specialize in removing all types of stains or dirt from your vehicle’s seats and carpets, and any other visible surfaces. Our interior detailing service also includes steam cleaning, shampooing fabric seats and surfaces, leather conditioning and more. There is no job too big or too small for The Local Detailers. Make sure your ride is fresh to pick up that important person – contact us today.

Interior Cleaning

Covers all your exterior surfaces.
  • Dust all interior surfaces
  • Vacuum all interior surfaces
  • Clean all vinyl and plastic surfaces
  • Steam clean leather seats, leather surfaces, vents & all other surfaces
  • Apply leather conditioner
  • Shampoo and dry fabric seats, floor mats & carpet

To ensure the best quality, all vehicles get a final inspection by one of our managers. This means that we never miss a spot! Only the highest standards suffice for your local car cleaning team. Our interior detailing packages offer the best return on your investment, and if you aren’t 100% happy with the result – we’ll fix it GUARANTEED.

Enjoy a cleaner car than ever before! Visit The Local Detailers today.

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Outstanding Paint Correction Services

At The Local Detailers, we are proud to offer the best in paint correction and paint chip repair in Calgary for all makes and models of vehicles. When your car has even a tiny paint chip, it’s like a chink in the armour. Not only can it lead to other issues like rust, but it also affects the overall appearance of your car. You deserve a vehicle that makes you feel confident. Our expert auto paint correction professionals are experienced when it comes to making cars look brand new. We also offer car washing and exterior detailing services. For paint chip repair in Calgary, contact The Local Detailers today.

Exceptional Exterior Detailing

Our exterior detailing service always includes a full vehicle body wash to guarantee that all of your vehicle’s visible exterior surfaces are fully clean. To prevent paint damage, our team gently applies the highest quality cleaning agents, and gently hand scrubs your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. But we don’t stop there: our team is also specialized in cleaning engine bays, headlights and taillights, and polishing and waxing all your vehicle exterior surfaces. As our name suggests, we take care of every detail and provide outstanding services so you can make a great impression and have confidence in your ride. 

Taking Exterior Detailing
to the Next Level


Car Buffing

Car Waxing

To ensure the best quality, all vehicles get a final inspection by one of our managers. Our exterior car detailing packages offer the best return on your investment. Contact us today to book your appointment, or check out our blog for more information.

Our Approach to
Paint Chip Repair

Scratches are common on car exteriors. Your car might get scratched by a neighbouring car door in the parking lot or as a result ofpa minor fender bender.

For the most part, these minor scratches can be fixed with our proprietary power polish technique.

We provide 2-stage paint correction as well as 3-stage paint correction depending on the level of damage. We go above and beyond for full paint chip repair as well.

Our team applies extra care and attention as we provide the best car buffing, polishing and waxing service in Calgary to restore scratches and chips, protect your car’s exterior, and keep your vehicle looking clean and shiny.

Exterior Cleaning  
  • Full body wash
  • Apply best quality cleaning agents
  • Gently hand scrub and clean surfaces
  • Hand-dry all surfaces
  • Clean headlights and taillights
  • Buff, polish and wax exterior
  • Clean engine bay

We take only the time necessary to complete our job at the highest level. If our clients aren’t satisfied, we will fix the problem – guaranteed.

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