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The Local Detailers is a local car detailing company that has been installing ceramic coating in Calgary since 2016. We are an authorized ceramic coating installer of XPEL and SPS coatings. We offer up to a 5-year warranty. Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent or permanent coating that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect against harsh outdoor elements and make maintenance very easy. It is applied in liquid form but cures to form a hard layer over your vehicle’s paint. Some ceramic coatings are even harder than a clear coat. The ceramic coating forms a hydrophobic layer that protects your car from minor scratches that are caused by the washing process. We also offer paint correction as part of our ceramic coating packages. Paint correction is always recommended before applying ceramic coating because paint correction will get rid of scratches and swirl marks so the ceramic coating can look and perform better. It will be easier to clean off bugs and bird poop when you have a ceramic coating. 

In Calgary, ceramic coating is very important
due to our harsh winters and rough roads.

Whether you are driving a luxury car or a commuter vehicle that gets you where you need to be, you want to make sure you take care of your investment by maintaining its original shine. Learn how you can make your car’s paint finish last longer than intended with a  professional ceramic coating installation. At The Local Detailers, we care about the finer aspects of making your car look and feel as good as possible. We have three-year and five-year ceramic coating packages, offering competitive prices and outstanding service. In addition to being a protective coating for years to come, ceramic coatings also help to eliminate imperfections such as paint scratches and scuffs. Discover all the benefits of ceramic coatings – contact us so we can answer all of your questions. 

 Benefits of ceramic coating:

– UV & Sun Protection
– Protects From Weather Erosion
– Protects From Bird Drop Stains
– Protects  From Tree Sap Stains

Your car will stay shiny for longer, and there is no need to wax your car every year when you have ceramic coating installed on your paint.

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Calgary Ceramic Coating Packages




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Ceramic Coating Protects Your Vehicle's Paint Job

Do you want your car to maintain its mint condition and look clean, shiny, and easier to wash? If your answer is yes then getting a ceramic coating should be next on your list. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior of your car. It offers protection for your car’s paint from weather-induced fading, weather-induced chalking, weather-induced loss of gloss, acid rain, bird waste, tree sap, insect damage, UV rays, hard water spots, de-icing agents/road salt, ocean spray, brake dust, rail dust, paint overspray, and fuel stains.

The exterior part of your car is the first part that grabs attention. It is the part people get attracted to at first sight. It is the first part of your car that gets you a compliment. The look of your car plays a great role even at building your confidence and making you feel great. However you take care of your car, many things can contribute to swirl marks, stains, and paint dullness and make your paint lose its pristine condition. But good thing there is a ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating offers an invisible layer of protection than wax and lasts longer than most sealants. If you are wondering why you need a ceramic coating for your car, below are some of the basic uses and benefits of ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coating Provides Enhanced Gloss

The clean and glossy look of your car is what attracts attention and turns heads. Beauty has a good place at increasing the resale value of your car. If you are looking for your car to have that shiny look ceramic coating is a great option. A ceramic coating provide enhanced gloss effect for your car. So if you want your paint job to look great and glossy for a longer period of time then you probably should apply a ceramic coating to your car’s paint.

Ceramic Coating Makes Your Car Easier to Clean

One of the other benefits of ceramic coating is that it makes cleaning easy. Cleaning or washing a car with out a wax, sealant or ceramic coating on the paint takes a lot of effort and time. But when you apply the coating, it will repel and bead water which makes effortless to clean and dirt won’t stick to paint job as much. dirts can’t easily get and bond to your car’s paint work.

Ceramic Coatings Offer Better Protection Than Waxes

You may wash your car and wax it regularly. But, it isn’t yet as good as you expect it to be. Waxes offer less protection and wear off faster. However, the ceramic coating provides longer-lasting paint protection. So if you want your car to look prettier and stay that way for a longer time, ceramic coating is the best worthy service.

If you want your car to have a shiny exterior, a ceramic coating installed in Calgary is a great way to meet your expectations. Ceramic coatings improve the hardness of your car’s paint and will protect it from paint dullness and minor scratches.

Now that you understand why you need ceramic coating and what the benefits are you might wonder where you should get this service. Good thing there are a few great Calgary ceramic coating installation shops to choose from. At The Local Detailers, we provide up to 5 years of warranty on our ceramic coating services. We strive to offer the best ceramic coating service in Calgary.

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Common Questions About Ceramic Coating Services

Ceramic Pro is an extremely high-quality ceramic coating that you can use on various surfaces, including vehicles. It is a heavy-duty permanent protective coating, usually known as 9H, that is often used to protect a vehicle’s surface. Ceramic Pro is highly valued for its enhancement and protection of paint jobs. 

Ceramic Pro provides a  high-gloss finish and rust protection—ultimately saving you money on body repairs and frequent exterior detailing. It’s also effortless to clean.

Because The Local Detailers are serious about giving your car the best detailing and ceramic coating in Calgary, we only use state-of-the-art brands like Ceramic Pro. It has proven to be one of the best products in the auto and auto detailing industry because of its extreme quality.

Ceramic coating is the process of applying a ceramic coat (like Ceramic Pro) to your car’s exterior. Our team of professionals will meticulously coat your car using a liquid polymer that bonds with your vehicle’s paint to protect it from dirt, water, UV rays, and other outdoor elements that can affect your car’s finish.

Think of ceramic coating as a more permanent type of car wax that gives your car a long-lasting shine—making it easier for you to wipe it clean and maintain its showroom condition. Aside from keeping your car’s finish top-notch, applying ceramic coating will also decrease your trips to the body shop as it prevents minor scratches.

The ceramic coating will work as a protective film shielding your car’s brand-new paint job. But keep in mind, your car doesn’t have to be new to get this type of service.

Some people get exterior detailing, paint protection, paint correction, and other services when they want to make their car look new. And if that is the case, the best way to keep the vehicle’s surface smooth and shiny is by adding the layer of protection that ceramic coating offers.

Ceramic coating and nano ceramic coating can protect your car from road salt, tree sap, bird droppings, and more. To maintain your vehicle’s exterior and prevent minor repairs and scuffs, a ceramic coating is your best bet.

They are completely different. Ppf protects your car from rock chips and scratches, and on the other hand, ceramic coating protects from minor scratches and make maintenance very easy.
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5 Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Effortless Cleaning

Our Ceramic Pro Coating service will fill the pores in your car’s paint—creating a shiny, smooth, and slick shield that makes it easy to clean dirt, tar and easy to wipe down water to maintain its long-lasting finish.

Zero Rust

Ceramic Pro is a nano ceramic coating technology that bonds with the paint to protect your vehicle from building up rust due to water and oxygen.

No Need for Waxing

Car waxing is an effective way to make your vehicle shinier after every wash. However, it is a very tedious job that can be eliminated by getting a more permanent fix, such as ceramic coating.

Ultimate Protection

Ceramic coating and its paint protection film can protect your vehicle’s paint coating from road salt, tree sap, UV rays, water, dirt, bird droppings, and more. In addition, it provides a gloss finish on the surface that will make your car’s paint coating resistant to scratches—making it look brand-new.


Because you will have fewer trips to the carwash, window tinting shops, and bodyshop, you can save a lot of money over time. In addition, our ceramic coating service comes with a 6-month, 2-year, or 4-year warranty—depending on your choice. The warranty will also save you money in the longterm.

Protect Your Vehicle
From the Elements

Our years of experience in exterior and interior detailing, and other auto-detailing services make us the best Calgary ceramic coating shop in the business.

Our well-trained staff stocks only the highest quality car detailing products such as Ceramic Pro, to guarantee total satisfaction and long-lasting results.

We provide ceramic coating applications because Ceramic Pro is the best at protecting your vehicle from the elements, including  UV rays, road salt, dirt, rust, and more. And at The Local Detailers, we care for your vehicle just as much as you do.

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