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How to super clean your car’s interior!

Your car’s interior needs to be cleaned regularly depending upon how frequently you drive, how your car is used , your driving condition and your passengers condition. A clean car interior can easily set yours and your passengers mood. car detailing in Calgary helps your car interior become super clean and provide you a comfort. There is nothing like getting in to a car that smells fresh with a pristine look. Many things can make your car’s interior get dirty like crumbs, dust, debris, stains and smokes can change the new look and the fresh odour of your car in to an old, dirty and smelly car. The interior part of your car is probably the most important part of your car, because it is where you spend most of your time seating, touching and smelling. Therefore, cleaning the interior part is more than just the look but it is also about your health. We’ve put some points on how to clean your car interior, below. Keep reading to learn more



• Floor mats


Car interior detailing starts with cleaning the floor mats of your car. The first step in cleaning your car’s interior is removing any unwanted items and garbage. Then you should remove your floor mats and clean it using a scrub brush and soapy solutions. Wash it, rinse, dry it and put them back.



• Carpets 


To clean the carpet of your car, move the seats back and forth so you can clean the hard to reach areas and make it ready to be super cleaned. Start with removing all the junks, loose garbages and papers from the floor. Vacuum the carpet to agitate the dirt and crumbs out of it. Use a steam cleaner for stains that aren’t easily coming out. Last but not least, shampoo your carpet to to get them back to a new condition. Spray your carpet cleaner then agitate with a carpet brush and extract all the water. This process also helps to reduce the bad odour of the car.



• Cloth and leather seats


To clean out cloth seats, first remove the surface dirt using a vacuum cleaner and use a steam cleaner to lift up the stains. Use a scrub brush and a soapy solution for deep cleaning and extract the water out again with your vacuum.

Coming to leather cleaning, you first spray your leather cleaner, scrub with a soft brush and then wipe off with a soft microfibre towel. After cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner, a soft cloth and leather cleaner, make sure you top it off with a leather conditioner to protect it from drying out as Calgary’s weather can be harsh in the winter you should always get protection as part of your auto detailing routine.



• Windshields 


An out side pollution and inside vapours can make the inside of your windshield become dirty. A clean windshield is more about a safety than it is about a look. A clean clear glass helps your view to be clear. Use a great window cleaner and microfiber cloth for cleaning and wiping the glass clean. You cam also use the paint protective products to help your car windows be protected for anything that gets in to it.



• Dashboard , center console, door jambs


For cleaning process of hard surfaces of your car’s interior, first start with cleaning out the center console. Take out all the unwanted items and dirt and with a soapy solution and microfiber towel. Clean up the vents by soft toothbrush and vacuum cleaner and clean out the dash board with a microfiber towels.



Use cleaning brushes to get in to the hard places like where the dash meets the glass and clean it well. After cleaning the dash board, center console and door panel, make sure to apply a conditioner to protect the surfaces and make cleaning easy for next time.



In conclusion 


For clean, fresh smell and great look of the interior part of your car, getting it super cleaned is the right decision. It might take time and effort but the result is satisfactory. For a car that needs a deep cleaning service, take it in to professionals like us. Getting your car detailed regularly will help your car keep its original condition and fresh smell which increases its resale value. Our highly trained professional team will provide you with the ultimate Car detailing to make your car look better than brand new.



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