Headlight Restoration

Headlight & Taillight
Cleaning & Restoration

Need your headlights back to their original glow? come to The Local Detailers for the best value headlight cleaning in town. We take the time needed to fully restore your headlamps to their original shine. Ensure that you’re getting optimal night vision with our quick and easy headlight restoration services. Want even more bang for your buck? Book in for our comprehensive exterior detailing experience. Don’t settle for dull, hazy, milky, or foggy lights! We will happily restore your headlights to their brightest, increasing your night vision and leaving them looking brand new. We will restore your vehicle’s lights to their optimal function!  

The Benefits of Headlight Restoration

We’ll Make Them Shine Like New

Enhances Safety

Not only do clean and restored headlights help with night vision - they also increase visibility in poor weather.

Maintains Functionality

Instead of waiting for your headlights to become dangerously dim, have them restored on a regular basis for full functionality.

Prevents Cloudy/Hazy Lenses

Don’t leave your headlights looking milky and yellowed - it’s unattractive and unnecessary. Have your headlights restored for a fresh and well-maintained look.

Maximize Lightbulb Performance

Get the most out of your bulbs with a proper headlight restoration. Use your headlight bulbs at their max capacity without filmy residue reducing their power.

Removes Scratches

Headlight buffing and restoration removes scratches and defects you didn’t know were there. Give your vehicle the high value maintenance it deserves.

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Stay Safe With a
Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration isn’t just about car maintenance. Restoring your headlights to their brightest shine is the best way to increase visibility on the road, and to make sure that you have optimal night vision. 


Not only does this service increase your safety significantly – restoring your headlights is a great way to increase your vehicle’s value. 


Our staff at The Local Detailers know how to make an old headlight shine like new. We use the best products and techniques to get rid of all milky films and residues and restore your headlights to their brightest. Contact us today for a quick and easy booking.