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Best Car Window Tinting in Calgary

Tinted vehicle windows are more and more popular thanks to their benefits of comfort and style. The Local Detailers team has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide the best window tinting in Calgary. We take time to ensure that the application is perfect so that you get the return on investment you deserve. We don’t just install vehicle window tint – we fix and replace it, too. No matter what type of tint you’re after, The Local Detailers can deliver. Black, black ceramic, air ceramic, and/or i3 ceramic are all window tints we work with. Drive in comfort and style. Book the right professional tint job for your car – contact us today.

Our Ceramic Tint Prices


The Benefits of Window Tinting

Interior Protection

Reduce Heat, UV & Glare Control

If your vehicle is exposed to the sun, after time your car’s interior upholstery, leather and vinyl surfaces will begin to fade. The Local Detailers specialize in applying window tint that helps protect your car’s interior by reducing solar heat and UV rays, protecting your vehicles upholstry and interior.

Vehicle Safety

Shattered Glass Protection

Applying window tint film onto your vehicle could greatly help in preventing your car’s windows (glass) from shattering. Window tint film provides another layer that would contain your car windows if they were to break due to impact or an accident.

Privacy & Security

Increased Privacy & Theft Protection

Window tint film is one the best ways to help prevent thieves from seeing what's in your vehicle. Window tinting also provides protection for your glass, making it harder for anyone to break your vehicle windows.

Top Quality Tinting Services

At The Local Detailers, we take pride in providing fast, effective, and high-value work in every job we do.


For ceramic window tinting, we use the best and highest-quality products available in the auto industry.


Often window tinting looks great but doesn’t offer other benefits. Our tint shop takes advantage of quality products that offer more than great style.


We can also provide recommendations when it comes to the level of tint and which windows you should apply it to. For the best return on investment possible, contact The Local Detailers. 

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