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Car detailing in Calgary, what services have you been missing?

If you get a regular Auto detailing service and you are a Calgary resident, you are most probably aware of the many options you have. Most detailing shops in Calgary offer different services like engine cleaning, interior detailing, exterior detailing, paint correction and ceramic coating. Most car owners visit car detailing shops to make their car look brand new and recover from the daily mess it’s been through. Good thing, there are many options when it comes to Auto detailing in Calgary. However, detailing services that are given from one shop to another may not be the same and you might be wondering what car detailing in Calgary services you might have been missing? To learn more about the most important and main services that detailing shops offer read below.

Interior detailing service 

Interior detailing includes cleaning of your carpets, leather or upholstery seats dashboard and any hard or soft surfaces. The interior of your car usually gets dirty specially here in Calgary because of the harsh winter we have over here or maybe you use your car for work. A not so clean car gives you uncomfortable driving situation especially if you use your car for your daily commute. The dirts, the spilled coffee, food stains, equipment messes and pets can ruin the beauty of the interior.

The process of interior car detailing usually starts with a deep vacuum to get all the little rocks and crumbs out of your carpets and seats and then proceed to clean all the doors, dashboard, vents, cupholders, speaker holes, steering wheel, gas and brake pedals by steam cleaning or using a quality interior cleaner and soft brushes. After everything is clean we then go ahead and put on a conditioner for all the vinyls and plastic parts as well as a leather conditioner to protect your leather and keep it looking new for years to come. This whole process could take 2-4 hours or even more for some cars that haven’t been taken care of. Interior ceramic coating is also a good option for a car that you want to keep for long as it’s more durable than other leather conditioners.

Exterior detailing service 

The other detailing service is exterior detailing. Your cars paint work is the first thing you or other people see. Exterior detailing is mainly about helping your car get clean easily, make it shiny and look fantastic. A great exterior detailing service will help your car increase its resale value. Since beauty is the key to heart, a great looking car with a pristine condition is worth a lot more than an old and faded car.

A lot of things such as debris can cause marks and scratches to your cars exterior and that’s exactly why you need a protection to minimize swirls and minor scratches caused when washing your car. The wax, paint sealant or ceramic coating applied to your paint can protect your car from this minor scratches and swirls marks as you don’t have to scrub as much when cleaning your car.

Exterior detailing can just be a regular car wash or a deep paint correction to remove any paint defect that you might have. Paint correction starts with a hand wash then decontamination wash and clay bar treatment to remove any contaminants that might stick to the polisher and cause scratches. And then proceed to machine polishing which requires a lot of experience and professional buffers.

There are different stages of paint correction depending on how flawless you want your car to be. One step power polish can remove minor scratches and multi step power polishing removes up to 90% of the paints defects. After we make sure the paint is free of scratches and swirls marks we then go ahead and apply a wax, a sealant or a ceramic coating to protect and preserve your car. Waxes and sealants can protect your car from 6 months up to a year whereas ceramic coating in Calgary can stay from 3 years all the way up to 7 years.

Engine cleaning 

The other factor that could increase the resale value of your car is its performance. A great car performance is all about a healthy engine. If you don’t use a regular detailing service for your car, dust and dirts will collect over time and get in to your engine to cause engine problem, which may cost you a fortune.

The engine cleaning service in car detailing will clean out the engine and help your car run smoothly. The deep engine cleaning will remove the dust, leaf’s and dirts from the engine and prevent engine problems that may be caused by dirt and will enhance its performance.

In conclusion 

If you are looking to get the best quality car detailing in Calgary, make sure you get interior and exterior detailing to help preserve your investment.

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